Keep Your Ears Open and Your Eyes Wide

Back in college, I had a marketing and advertising professor once tell the class in the most condescending way, “most of you will end up with a career in sales.” At the time, I had dreams of being a big time event planner or working in PR for an NHL team. But then a year out of college after trying a role as an assistant director of communication and working part time as a wedding coordinator, I found myself interviewing for a sales coordinator position for a hotel. I laughed at the position at first, thinking of it as a position to get me out of waitressing and as an opportunity to save money before moving to Minnesota. What I didn’t expect was to grow to love it and seek out a career doing it in the long run. But here I find myself yet again, working with a sales team, enjoying my career. I laugh now at how outraged and discouraged that professor once made me but some days I wish I could thank him. Thank him for opening my eyes toward a career path I never knew that I wanted. I love working in sales and it’s never a boring job, especially since I work for three different sales reps, all with different personalities.

Don’t let professors or friends drag you down when you talk about your aspirations, but don’t shut them out either. Listen to them. Hear them out. They may be able to open your eyes to a career path you had never thought of before.


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